Shelter and food for stranded daily wage workers all over India

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Hello everyone,

At this crucial time of covid19, as we survive ourselves through the lockdown, we have to understand that we are privileged enough to be safe with a shelter, access to water, food and in company of all our loved ones. As we either work from home or spend time with family or binge watch netflix, we are safe and sound at our homes and we know our families and friends are safe too.

There are others in our large cities that come from afar.They come from small towns and villages to look for living in our city of dreams. They are the ones who do the small odd jobs that go unnoticed in our daily lives, but the city depends on them. Jobs like pulling cart, picking stones at construction sites, a petty labour in a factory or a shop. These jobs earn them their daily wages that allows them to survive the day. They are hard working individuals who deserve all the shelter and food that our city and states can provide.

Due to the lockdown, all shops, offices, sites etc are closed. These daily wage workers have lost their jobs and do not have enough money and no shelter. Remember, they depend on their daily income of 150 -200 Rs to survive. Their shelter is usually their workplace like factories and sites or even roads.

These workers are stranded with no shelter and no where to go. Some news channels have shown their plights.These daily wage workers are now walking back home to Bihar, Andhra, UP and such other places with their little belongings, small kids and families. They have been walking for days without much food or money to survive.

A request to the Central and all the State governments to give these people temporary shelters and provide them with basic food and medicines. If possible, arrange buses or other means so that they can safely reach home.

This is one collateral damage that we as society can avoid.

Please sign the petition so that the words reach to the authorities and attention can be brought on to this issue.

Thank you