Stringent vigilance to curb cyber crimes

Stringent vigilance to curb cyber crimes

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Why this petition matters

Dear Sir,

The compelling reason for this petition lies in the fact that many of us are getting victimized by cyber-crimes, which has now alarmingly increased in our country.

In November 2021, one of us, who works as a scientist in a pvt hospital, got one call in her hospital, where the person introduced himself as a representative of Thermo Fisher Scientific, Bangalore and requested for her number. She was skeptical as she never experienced such things. People generally mail webinar links and never ask for a personal number. The person confirmed that a webinar link would be sent to her through email. It never came but one week later, the ip address where she was working, started working aberrantly. One of her pen drives started becoming encrypted. Sensing something wrong, she immediately took a backup of all files in her mail and formatted the pen drive in her student's laptop which had the original windows defender. Two of her files got completely encrypted and two documents password protected. She uninstalled google chrome from that ip address and started bringing her own laptop at work.

The  person had a strange experience of ransomware attack in the month of May when the hacker tracked her through home wifi, traced phone number of everyone at home, hacked her and her daughter's whatsapp account and two mail ids and demanded 25 Lakh bitcoin. She was threatened about her daughter's online security as well, if she failed to pay the sum in time. Luckily, she had some professional help available at her locality and got respite of her plight. She has informed this to all possible levels and has placed clues on the people she suspected. She strongly suspected two business magnets and cyber wizards from Bangalore, one lady, the owner of several companies, also a freelance blockchain expert, and her brother, who works at Amazon AWS as senior compliance analyst, to be the mastermind behind the onslaught. The victim submitted the little bit of evidences she got. She mailed them to the CBI office, about her incidence on 10th June . Requesting to refer the mail sir. 

The onset pattern of these two incidents are similar, that is, tracking ip location through lan, through wifi. The victim understood it from her experience in May 2021.

Another friend of ours became a victim of Bank Cyber Crime. A person, claimed to be from SBI Call Center ACS needed to verify his ATM Card where he told that his card had got blocked and needed verification. He called from the mob no: 7873321579 & 9674413606. During this total fraud verification process he was somehow convinced and gave the ATM Card details along with OTP password but not the TPIN. In total 8 transaction were made and total 22702 INR were paid through SBIPG. He had confirmed that this is a fraud after taking to SBI Tollfree number. 

Another friend received a call from 912250041117 asking him to press 1 if he was vaccinated. He pressed 1. Immediately the phone was blocked and his phone got hacked. 

On 13th December 2021 between 3.30pm to 3.50 pm another friend’s S/B Account  of ICICI Bank number got hacked of 1.50 lakh. She was paying for her examination fees to IGNOU site when it got disrupted. She called customer care number of ICICI bank website 18002003344.The call got forwarded to 8926029605 which responded as they would call her. She received call from phone number 755089464 instantly. She was convinced that it was from ICICI bank. They said that she needed to install Anydesk software to update ICICI bank mobile application. She believed them as it was from bank as she had called the customer care number.Then after  5 minutes, card  transaction of our   one Rs 20k ,one 19,999 to Eroute  Technologies and one Rs 50k cash transfer to Aerofly International was done. SBI eventually blocked her account. The event occurred at 3.50pm and the complaint got reported in bank at 4.33pm vide SR 794031764, SR 794033112. On 13th december,2021 she lodged general Diary complaint  in police thana Bansdroni Area, Kolkata, numbered 790, and complained Bank Fraud Section DD Lalbazar vide docket number 22391.She also submitted dispute report  details to bank next day. She has also submitted written complaint to joint commissioner of DD LalBazar Cybercrime vide Docket number 2163, lodged FIR in Bansdroni thana and uploaded the complaint in National Cybercrime(acknowledgement number 23212210291623).

Another friend of us, wanted to sell a furniture at her father's flat at Versova, Mumbai, just few days after her father's demise on 23rd September 2020.  She had put a post on OLX, got a call from an unknown number, claiming to be a second hand furniture dealer.  The deal was settled for INR 15000.  Our friend decided to sell the unit around first week of November 2020.  The person wanted her to pay an advance of INR 5000 n asked her to use a swipe machine to which she said that she didn’t have a machine as she didn’t run any establishment. At that moment of time since she was disturbed mentally, that man went on telling her to send small amount to him through gpay and later she realized that she lost 15k through Gpay and 15k through Paytm through this Mobile fraud. It was nothing less than hypnotism. She lodged a complaint to DN Nagar Police Station but that was more of a formality. It was not dealt seriously. It’s very painful losing hard earned money in these difficult times.

We are well aware that cryptocurrency does foster cybercrime like no other. People with affluence, idle times and no social obligations are getting inclined to cybercrimes. It’s high time for the Government to increase vigilance. We heard that RBI is insisting on CBDC where all digital transactions including the KYC of the people could be monitored. We need the task force to employ some stringent rule and increase vigilance on ongoing cybercrimes all over India. We request your honour to increase vigilance so that common people like us feel safe in cyber world.

106 have signed. Let’s get to 200!