Centerville families should have an in-person, every day school option

Centerville families should have an in-person, every day school option

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Carolyn Hall
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As parents and guardians of children in the Centerville School  District, we ask that our children are back in the classroom five days a week.

The proposed 50-50 plan for in-person student instruction creates significant hardships for students and their parents/guardians.  It also creates an incredible challenge for teachers to provide quality instruction to both the students in the classroom and those attending remotely. 

We were told the 50/50 plan was released as a result of "reviewing surveys from students, parents and teachers and in collaboration with area school districts."  However, with all of our neighboring school districts going back to school 5 days a week, we believe our children deserve the same choice.  

Working parents will face a great challenge to provide childcare for children who are forced to be at home rather than at school.  The inconsistency of being in school every day will be hard on our young learners and their teachers.  Older students need the structure in-person school provides and in-person school is vital for their social development.

Our children need to be back in the classroom, five days a week, with the appropriate and planned precautions in place.  We, as the parents and guardians of these students are asking that our voices be heard.