Workplace Safety Within Six Feet COVID Infectious Zone

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Back to Work After Covid cautions that businesses need protocols and safety guidance within the six foot infectious zone, which is a critical and missing component to every organization's re-opening plan. We urge employees, employers and those with the power to create change to sign our petition so employees and employers get the guidance needed to operate safely within the six foot infectious zone. Learn more....

Many employers are adopting guidance established by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as central to their safe re-opening plan. Each of these agencies highlights the importance of creating six feet of distance to reduce the risk of exposure and infection to the virus. However, maintaining six feet of distance is not possible for many organizations and none of the guidance includes protocols for the scenarios within the sensitive 6-foot perimeter.

This means people will be returning to work environments without all the knowledge that they and their employers need to reduce their personal risk of infection and contributing to potential outbreaks.

What's Needed: The Urgent Need for Safety Guidance Within 6 Feet
Research shows that exposure to the COVID-19 virus over time creates increased risk. This is been amplified in outbreaks at food packaging plants, restaurants, and senior care facilities to name a few.

Tony Madureira, a professional mold remediator and Founder of Back to Work After COVID, has been protecting his employees from mold, which has the same .3-micron particles as the virus, for about 15 years with no incidents. The scientific-based recommendations for mold safety formulated by professional hygienists hold the key to his success rate within the six-foot infection zone.