To the CDC Please make rulings on cruise travel

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To Whom it may concern,

This petition is on behalf of the Travel Agent community demanding that you look into options for returning cruises to operation.

Travel Agents who rely on cruises are hurting because of restrictions because of COVID-19. Most of the industry is wondering why this is being put on the back burner. Travel Agencies have lost thousands of dollars due to restrictions and some have even gone out of business. We understand safety is a huge concern. Flights are allowed and I think they are more dangerous than cruising. Social distancing can be achieved easier on a ship where on airplanes it is impossible.

There are ways to control infections on ships by testing before they get on at the port, Mandatory sanitation in any public areas, and increased sanitation in public areas. Lowering capacities including restaurants theaters and other gathering locations. Also with testing during the cruise. Since they wouldn't be at full capacity they can use some locations on the ship as quarantine centers staffed with medical professionals. The cruise lines would have to hire more medical staff but they would be able to sail. 

Please consider stepping up and working with the cruise lines to save an industry of people who rely on this.