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Standard Protocol For Treating Patients With Sickle Cell

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Sickle Cell Disease is a horrible genetic disease that affects individuals mostly of the African descent. The disease is caused by a genetic mutation in an individual's hemoglobin that causes red blood cells to not obtain oxygen properly, therefore causing the red blood cells to be shaped like a "sickle" instead of being round. When a crisis happen, the sickle cells get stuck and causes that area of the body or body organ to experience a loss of oxygen resulting in a great amount of pain. This can also cause infections, tissue or organ damage, and other serious medical complications. To treat the painful episodes, IV medications are required in most cases to treat the pain and get it under control if oral medications doesn't work. In the adult Sickle Cell community, there is a major concern because of the current opiate drug epidemic and among other "Sicklers", race is thought to be an issue as well. This petition is being started to encourage states to require hospitals to develop a standard protocol for handling patients with Sickle Cell or have an open line of communication with a hospital and/or Medical Professional that specializes in Sickle Cell Disease to offer the proper treatment that a patient needs. By doing this, a lot of stigmas can be eliminated, medical cost can decrease, and the false labeling of a Sickle Cell Patient as a "drug seeker" can diminish as well. I am so passionate about this because I live with Sickle Cell Disease. I lived a normal life for the most part up until approximately 6 years ago when the disease started attacking organs in my body and causing increased pain and pain crises. My quality of life has been affected and mentally, it is becoming a problem because of the treatment that I receive. The form of Sickle Cell Disease that I have is considered to be mild and there are individuals who suffer worse than I do. I look at how I am treated by doctors with my milder form of the disease and then look at someone who suffers more and is treated the way I am or worse. The disease is not a joke and needs to be taken seriously. I have had a doctor tell me that I have "The Sickle Cell Trait" when medical blood test and my medical records show that I have Sickle Cell Disease; just to have a reason or excuse to deny giving me the proper pain medication for treatment. Please help me make a difference by signing and sharing this petition.

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