Open Up US CDC Census Suicide Data for 2018

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Mindful Data [1] is a non-profit (pending) advocacy organization focused on open-sourcing of data in Mental Health. It's mission is to improve the overall amount of open data available, analyzed, and disseminated in Mental Health. Unfortunately, there isn't 2018 data available on the number of Suicides in the United States on the CDC Fatal Injury Report website here:

The group has been able to analyze up until 2017, but can't find 2018 related data. This petition is to make that data available. If not, identify the reason as to why it's not available and ensure the public understands. With it, the group will be able to further analyze as well as show visualization in regards to how the United States is doing in regards to this health issue. Further, citizen scientists and analysts will be able to visualize data across other services such as the US LifeLine has been done already here:

Please help Mindful Data to petition the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to open up this data to the public! You'll no doubt be helping to save lives by providing data to Mental Health services as well as many other groups to better provide actionable steps to prevent suicide. Thank you for your support.