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Make Opioids Available to Chronic Pain Patients Again!

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As federal and state regulators rush to curtail access to opioid mediations that have claimed so many lives, the rules they have enacted fall hard on chronic pain patients who are suffering tremendously.  We legitimately need relief from pain, and opiates lessen the pain better than any other option, and we have tried them all.  The CDC Guidelines and the DEA rule changes have stopped many physicians from prescribing opiates or if they still do prescribe, they have lowered the strength, leaving chronic pain patients unable to function.  With worries of the DEA breathing down their necks, physicians now fear for their careers instead of caring for their patients’ wellbeing.

Chronic pain patients need opiate medications to make our lives tolerable and worth living.  Many of us have trouble walking or using our arms, so we need our medications to allow us to function.  We want to live our lives independently with the ability to contribute to society as much as possible, but many of us are bedridden now.  Our quality of life has been taken away.  We want our productive lives back or else suicide will be our only remaining option.  We want to live productively again!

It’s not fair to punish those of us who legitimately need opiates due to a disease or injury, in an effort to curtail another group that chooses to abuse the medications we need to live our lives in a productive way.

Allowing us to have our opiate medications again enables us to work, cook, do housework, exercise, sleep, and lead more productive lives.  If only these lawmakers and physicians could actually feel the pain we must endure; they would definitely stop this overzealousness immediately.

We must have the following enactments immediately:

1.    Create new CDC Guidelines for treating chronic pain patients that allow opiates to lessen our pain and enable us to function in life.  No more blindly following Opioid Guidelines incorrectly due to fear from the DEA!

2.    More physicians who treat chronic pain patients with opiates and without fear for their careers by prescribing what we need to function, not reducing the strength of our medications, which is sidelining us.

3.    The DEA needs to stop creating so many obstacles for chronic pain patients to obtain opiate medications, because these difficulties cause more stress and pain which makes the disease/injury even worse.

4.    Awareness of the suffering of chronic pain patients by state and federal lawmakers and all aspects of the medical community by promoting the following information:

Pain News Network

Boston Globe


The Painful Truth by Lynn Webster, M.D.

Stop torturing those of us who live with chronic pain and help us to live our lives as comfortable as possible while being productive once again!

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