Help Chronic Lyme Disease get recognized as a legitimate medical condition by the CDC

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Over a year ago my mother was diagnosed with Lyme disease. At first it wasnt clear. Prior to that she was being misdiagnosed and treated for the vast array of symptoms that Lyme disease causes. Rather than treating the root of the problem (Lyme disease - borrelia burgdorferi), each symptom was treated as its own entity. One day a friend of my mothers’ suggested that my mother might have Lyme disease. She went to a specialist and it was concluded that she had Lyme. In the blink of an eye, my mother was on a plethora of different pills, oils, and creams, hearing a vast spectrum of different opinions; the holistic approach, the strictly medical one, and everything in between. Needless to say, this was driving our once peaceful family apart.

There is an entire community of Chronic Lyme sufferers, whose screaming voices are drowned out by skeptics and corrupt officials. The CDC recognizing Chronic Lyme disease as an official medical condition would be a big step in the right direction of providing PROPER care to individuals suffering from Chronic Lyme Disease.

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