Fire CEO Des Hague for animal cruelty

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Good article about Centerplate's animal abusing CEO

Despite some superficial internal efforts by Centerplate to hope we will forget about Des Hague's animal abuse, we will continue to demand that the company cut their ties with him. Questions still remain: -Will there be legal consequences for what Des Hague did to Sade, the dog? -Centerplate claims a new Foundation will be set up to help animals, but who is involved, is the CEO's contribution just going to be a nonprofit tax write-off, what are the goals, and what justifies all the inefficiencies of starting a new organization instead of supporting existing ones who desperately need help? -How will the CEO's self-imposed community service be enforced? What if he doesn't complete it? I recently read this Sports Illustrated story which is worth reading and sharing. Let's not give up. The CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation abused a dog and many people do not believe this was the first time. We cannot allow Centerplate to have this animal abuser as their CEO. Please continue to share the petition, and look for additional updates next week. This is only the beginning until Centerplate does what's right.

Erica Perry
7 years ago