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Spread information to CDC about parasitic mites

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In May of 2015, my family's life became altered so severely, the damage was irreversible. Our neighbor's house harbored rats. Soon after, our once beautiful home was overrun with parasitic mites--mites that, like bed bugs, feed off both humans and animals. We had to vacate our home repeatedly and after tons of pest control eradication attempts and our own attempts,  we remained unsuccessful and, overwhelmed,  had to sell our home, discard all furniture and personal belongings. A year later, we still suffer, without the help of professionals who have no idea what to do, even after samples were obtained. Our story is one among thousands and thousands of people suffering and accounts across the world have reported stories that mirror ours. Since the early 2000's, a growing epidemic of mite infestations due to bird and rat mites have been tormenting people with symptoms that last for years--all without help from the community and CDC due to lack of research and chemical resistance.   Now, it is getting worse. Please help us put pressure on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization to end that suffering so we can get this problem recognized.

Just like the treatable bed bugs that were discovered before them, mite sufferers experience trauma on a level that is possibly far greater--with no access to:    


  • Effective chemicals,
  • Knowledgeable doctors,
  • Pest control companies
  • Entomologists with access to correct information regarding blood feeding mites and their ability to persist on human blood.

This has been documented since 1958 and become a more widespread issue:  

There is even a link to the tropical rat mite and Morgellons disease, as seen here:    

Mite sufferers should not have to sit in silence with no help from organizations intended to protect and research dangerous organisms.   Mite infestations can result in:   

  • Traumatic scarring/itching/crawling/biting/lesions
  •  Possibility of contracting disease/infections  
  • Financial hardship/repeated loss of property  
  • Relationship trauma for all victims  
  • Extreme forms of PTSD  
  • Lack of sleep for extended periods of time  
  • Trouble for doctors/professionals who want to help, but have no access to reliable and consistent data   
  • Losses in productivity   
  • Extreme financial loss in the poultry industry  
  • Dangerous situations for sufferers causing them to self-treat due to lack of help    

Please help us spread awareness for this dangerous 21st century outbreak and push these organizations to fund research for effective remedies and treatments. Let us become activists to fight and push for access to the knowledge and help we need.

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