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Centennial Hill (Rose Supper Club): Close down this DEATH trap PERMANENTLY and destroy the building!!!

  • Various shootings have happened outside of this club
  • Murders have taken place INSIDE of this club
  • Various crimes have been committed around this place as a result of a fight inside of the club
  • Security does NOT enforce safety or check patrons properly
  • The club owners have been negligent to hire PROPER security
  • Weapons constantly make it inside of the club
  • Parties are hosted that are labeled "Trap or Die" which draws a particular group of individuals
  • The name of the club has been changed numerous times however nothing else (security being the biggest issue) has not.
  • The age limit was supposed to be 25 and older however under age patrons (24 & under) are still being allowed in the club.
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  • Centennial Hill (Rose Supper Club)
  • City of Montgomery
    Mayor Todd Strange
  • Alabama ABC Board
    Enforcement Division
  • City of Montgomery
    Mayor Todd Strange

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