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As we all know Udta Punjab is facing issues by the Censor Board. They are not giving it certificate and the reason they have given is that the film has too many cuss words. But Interestingly on the same side Shiromani Akali Dal is opposing it that it shows Punjab in bad light. But the truth is that there are political reasons involved in this film. Its not hidden that lacs of people are addicted to Drugs in Punjab. The ruling political party is unable to control this situation and as the elections are coming near they dont want a film which shows bitter reality of the state and expose them.

But the point is - Is it right to not let a film release just because of political reasons, elections and to hide truth? 

if You agree with any of the points written below. SIGN THIS PETITION. -

-Politicians have no right to interefere in any film or bann any film.

-CBFC shouldnt come in pressure of political reasons. They cant chop or stop a film because any certain ruling party wants the same.

-No state can bann or stop a film if it is passed by CBFC.

-Its not acceptable for CBFC to harrass a film-maker & kill his art.

-CBFC cant decide what we can watch or what we want to watch. Their job is to give a film certificate as it is Board of Film Certification and not cut or kill a film.

-When there is whole content available on web and Indian youth is watching International shows of far more grittier & hard hitting content UNCENSORED then this is foolish to censor something like this.

-If they have problem with abuses (which is actually a fake excuse) then they should bann all the people on roads in real life & all the abuses completely - Not only in film which are mirror of the society.

-No one has the right to stop freedom of speech. 

-By doing all this CBFC is discouraging the filmmakers to make films on important controversial topics & they are dragging India to 50 years back. Film makers will stop making films if they are going to act like this and Bollywood will just become a piece of masala dance and action.

Please Support Freedom. Please support Art. Please support Yourself! Please Support Udta Punjab.


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