CEMS Students for integrity: a more just, transparent and sustainable graduation ceremony.

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We are a group of CEMS 2018 graduates with the desire of asking CEMS board more compliance to its well-known and often-preached values. In particular, we are asking CEMS' executives to take into account the values of transparency, sustainability and justice when approaching the graduation ceremonies. In fact, having collected a significant number of opinions, many of us have the impression that various things during the event weren't consistent with the above CEMS values' commitments, undermining integrity to our shared values. Students identified:

  1. Lack of Justice: the significantly high prices of the parties and dinner made the events not affordable to everybody;
  2. Lack of Transparency: a often reported complain claims non-transparent the token system implemented at Friday's night party, which promised two drinks but delivered only one. Also, the prices of the events and especially of the dinner didn't deliver an equally valuable service. The perception is that the cost of the dinner was inflated to cover other costs of the overall event, some of them necessary as logistics, but some of them questionable such us the five-star hotel where all CEMS administrative and academic community was hosted, and this creates a negative felling;
  3. Lack of Sustainability: the selection of Hilton Hotel as venue for the entire CEMS administrative and academic community wasn't perceived as an effort to build a ore sustainable and equal society. The monetary difference between the cost of Hilton Hotel and any other other high-quality hotel could have been invested in impactful and meaningful actions. Also, the tokens system for drinks and the absence of credit card payment created a negative impact on the environment caused by thousands of avoidable CEMS ink-printed tokens.

These are the main pillars we have identified after our research and that we are asking you to endorse. If you wish to communicate us something more please comment below. We are collecting these signatures as a direct call for more action to the CMES boards of directors and executives. As our respectable and inspiring new executive chair man professor Whitwell said during the ceremony, these are times where more than ever we need to question the status quo. And we believe that CEMS sustainability goals we committed to when we graduated, can be achieved only if we act consistently with those values and - above all - if we act TOGETHER: students, academics, partners and board. 

"Be the change you wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi