How To Play Ceme Safe

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How to play ceme safe without any distraction? Ceme is well known as a game that Indonesian people mostly play in Poker Online Sites. There are two type of ceme online, Bandar Ceme and Ceme Keliling. Which each of them have their own rules. 

How to Win Online ceme on Indonesia online ceme site? This might be the most frequently thought question in the minds of online ceme players. Are there any definite tricks on how to win online bandar ceme games?

In the online game ceme there are 2 positions that you can choose between being a player or a bookie. To be able to find out which position is the most suitable for you, just consider a few things below:

  • Player vs Bookie: If Player and Bookie get a card with the same value, the Bookie will always come out the winner.
  • If a Player gets a 9 card and a Bandar card under 9, the dealer must pay 2x a Player bet.
    If the dealer gets a 9 card, then the dealer will take all bets on the table.
  • How to get a Jackpot: To be able to get a jackpot, the dealer and player must have a jackpot card combination.
    To be able to sit as a dealer, you have to choose a table that is still empty because the dealer in the city bookie game is only one person and if the previous dealer does not get up from his chair, you cannot replace him.

The trick to How to Win ceme is to pay attention to several important factors in playing ceme online, including the following:

  • Choosing the Right Position
    Position is the most important factor that determines one's victory in playing online bookies. Determining the right position and suitable for you is something that needs to be considered as well as possible. Because the wrong position may be fatal and bring defeat.
  • Analyzing Opponent Games
    Take some time before starting to sit and play at a table. It's a good idea to first analyze the opponent's game and the pattern of cards dealt. This is so you can also determine which seats are getting a good breeze.
  • Specify the target
    Greedy is a fatal factor that usually ends up losing, for that you should first determine your winning target. After reaching the desired target it is better to stop and wd.