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Cell Carriers With KRACK-Affected Devices Should Waive Data Overages Until Patch Available

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On Monday, 10/16/2017, a flaw in Wi-Fi encryption was disclosed. Specifically, WPA2 (the encryption mechanism used to protect Wi-Fi connections) is vulnerable to a "Key Reinstallation AttaCK" (KRACK):

WPA2 is used nearly-universally for all encrypted Wi-Fi connections.

To varying degrees, this WPA2 vulnerability affects nearly all Wi-Fi users, *globally*. Please note, dear reader, that this very likely includes *you*.

This vulnerability is particularly dangerous on Android devices because of the way WPA2 is implemented on that platform.

As far as Android goes, it is Google's responsibility to patch this flaw for Android since Google owns Android. It is my understanding that they have done so and are rolling the patch out to their own customers first (i.e. to those who own Google phones). It is unknown (at least to me) when the patch will be made available to carriers like AT&T and Verizon and then, in turn, when those carriers will push the patch out to their customers.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that this is not *only* an Android issue. It's just that this issue is most severe on Android devices. My understanding is that Windows and Apple devices, though not immune, are at considerably less risk.

While end users of cell phones that support Wi-Fi are waiting for this patch, I believe it is the responsibility of the major carriers to protect their customers by 1) Warning them not to use Wi-Fi, 2) encouraging their customers to use their cellular data plan for their mobile Internet needs, and to 3) waive all data overage charges until the patch that fixes KRACK has been applied.

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