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assistance for people suffering with celiac

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder where suffers can not eat gluten. The food is very expensive and currently there is no government assistance. I like many other people suffering from celiac disease must go on a strict gluten free diet, there is no medication to take, like lactose intolerant, and if you consume gluten free food you must wait out the effects, this includes but is not limited too : diarrhea, lack of energy, stomach pains, vomiting, internal swelling of the small intestine, these are just my symptoms. My brother has never followed the gluten free diet, and his bowl movements are filled with blood, his teeth are falling out, he has osteoporosis, along with constant vomiting, he is twenty-two. I work and go to school and I go with out eating because I can not afford to buy gluten free and there is no assistance. These are just two stories out of the hundreds that are probably out there. I do not understand why the government will not help us out and I want this to be changed as soon as possibly, the amount of people diagnosed with celiac disease is growing, my goal is for future generations of celiac will have an easier go at life than me and my brother, it is time for change!

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  • Celiac disease to be covered under health care in Canada

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