Tell Celgene Biopharmaceuticals to stop getting people shot

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It sickens me that every day in America more than 90 people are shot by a gun. Our rate of gun violence is more than ten times higher than most other countries. Gun violence is a public health science issue of epidemic proportions. It is clear to police, doctors, and public health officials that it requires evidence-based solutions.

Despite this, Celgene enables gun violence in America by giving tens of thousands of dollars to members of Congress who reliably vote against evidence-based solutions (such as the ones proposed by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence) because the members of Congress are in the pocket of or fear the NRA.

The NRA and their backers in the gun industry oppose numerous evidence-based gun violence solutions, preferring their own marketing slogans that are not supported by science.

Just as Celgene would never send a cancer patient to a snake oil salesman, they also have a moral duty not to put the public health safety of Americans in the hands of people who tell lies in the name of making a buck. Their behavior is not in keeping with science and they are not true to their own words that "[Celgene is] committed to improving the lives of patients and advancing the course of human health in the interest of global prosperity and progress"

Tell Mark Alles, CEO of Celgene, that it is time to stand on the side of the American people and not the NRA by never supporting politicians who vote against evidence-based public health policies to reduce gun violence.