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Medical Tattooing can offer life changing tattoos for many different people for a number of reasons, the most well know treatment in this field is AREOLA TATTOOING, this type of tattooing can be used to create a 3D realistic nipples for breast cancer survivors post mastectomy, for the trans community post top surgery and also to correct or reconstruct the areola area when affected by surgery, illness or skin conditions. 

These tattoos provide a vital part of the final healing process for many people after illness or surgery. The positive impact these tattoos have is remarkable, helping improve body confidence and mental well being, as well as enabling people to gain control of their bodies again.

Social media makes promoting this wonderful service extremely difficult, banning and removing photos and pages for 'violating standards on nudity or sexual activity'. Facebook guidelines actually state mastectomy tattoos are allowed, but our tattoo posts are still constantly removed and business pages banned. There must be a change in how social media views these amazing tattoos and allow them to be posted more freely. Social media is an important platform for medical tattoo artists, it enables us to reach more survivors and spread the message of what incredible services we can provide, these out-dated and sexist 'guidelines' need to be adapted and changed in order for medical tattooers to be able to help more people.