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Celebrate the Life of Jubaroj the Lion-- and Bring Justice to His Death

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Juboraj was an eighteen-year-old lion who recently passed away at the Comilla Zoo in Bangladesh. He starved to death in a dirty enclosure, and footage showed that he was so thin in the last months of his life almost every bone in his body was visible through his skin. Too weak to move, Juboraj lived out the remainder of his life alone, starving in a dirty zoo enclosure. The zoo has stated that the lion's poor health was because of age-related conditions, but the appearance of Juboraj and his enclosure showed a very different situation. The lion deserved to live out his life in the beautiful wild he was born to, but he spent his existence as a spectacle in a zoo, and eventually died alone of starvation. 

This is not okay.

We cannot be bystanders to what has happened and let this be okay. 

I am a thirteen-year-old girl who was deceived into believing that I lived in a place, in a world, where life is celebrated. Where we realize the beauty, the absolute wonder, of what we are apart of, where we are a broken, but beautiful humanity who are not blinded by our history. Where we choose to put one foot in front of the other and try, just try, to keep that beauty, that wonder alive.

I realize now that I was wrong.

I do know that there are beings like what I had always believed.

But as a whole, this is not the humanity I live in. 

I dream that eventually, this will not be the truth.

But that change will not be immediate. 

I know that.

Yet, still, I believe we have to try. 

I am attempting to take a step, a small step, but what could be a change nonetheless, to celebrate, and give justice to the life of Juboraj. I plead you to join me, to try to get one step closer to that world I had always thought I was apart of. Juboraj was a beautiful, beautiful creature, and I am constantly inspired by how he fought to live. By signing this petition, we as a humanity are showing that we realize what happened was not okay, and that this cannot be the future of other animals.  We are moving closer. We are trying.

Please join me. Not only to honor Juboraj, but to spark a change that might just lead to something bigger.

I really do believe it's possible.  





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