Fire Dr. Jerry Pyron

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I REALLY hope that this atrocity against these black kids goes VIRAL and NATIONAL. Administration feels like they can treat these kids any kind of way because they're black and it's a small town in Tennessee. They don't think think that there will be any repercussions. They didn't even let the black KIDS EAT LUNCH BECAUSE THEY PROTESTED. That broke my heart, let's be honest, some kids only meal of the day IS AT SCHOOL. You never know who's suffering. That's wrong. Jackson news isn't enough. That principle and everybody else on the staff needs to be fired. #FireDrJerryPyron

1. White kids send vulgar and racist messages about harming black kids, referring to them as "niggers", they also made statements about harming "nigger lovers". Context of messages was about stringing them up from trees (lynching).

2. Principal and staff discover messages existence, do not inform any black parents that their kids might be in danger. Administration issues light punishment by requiring the racist kids to write 10 page essays. No other punishment was to be exacted.

3. Two weeks later, black kids get wind of messages and participate in peaceful protest without the support of the principal or staff.

4. Black kids threatened for protesting by administration, informed that they will be kicked off of cheer teams and sports teams. Black students also punished by not being allowed to eat lunch.

School: Haywood High School 
City: Brownsville, TN
Address: 1175 E College St.
Phone: 1 731 772 1845
Principal: Dr. Jerry Pyron

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