Request Cedar Grove Public Schools Begin School Year All Virtual

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In these uncertain times we call upon the CG BOE & CG Superintendent Grosso to join Montclair and West Orange in going 100% virtual when school begins in September of 2020.

I am a Mom to a 6 year old little girl who desperately misses her friends and teachers. I miss walking her to school every day and seeing my friends as well. We all want to trade in our "new normal" for the normalcy we once had. None of us want to worry about masks, or distancing, or occupancy numbers. However our reality is more complicated than that. The truth is, there is still so much we don't know about this virus and because of that we wholeheartedly believe that opening schools is not only a great risk to our children/students, teachers and staff, but also our community at large- potentially gravely affecting our most vulnerable, once again. 

Let us also take a moment to look at the bigger picture, beyond Cedar Grove. Schools around the world that have reopened are now being forced to close their doors. This has happened here in the U.S. in Georgia and in other places like Hong Kong and Israel. In many cases by the end of the 2nd day parents were receiving notice that a student in the school had tested positive for COVID-19.

In the Spring we were all praising teachers, saying things like "I don't know how they do it!", "Day 4- teachers deserve the big bucks" and so much more, because of how overwhelmed we were as parents to become our teacher's aides. These teachers transitioned to virtual learning at the drop of a hat, and while it wasn't flawless, we were so grateful that they were able to adapt and also help us and our children adapt and stay safe. So while I recognize that virtual learning is not ideal for anyone, it is what's safest for our community as a whole. 

Please join me in telling the CG BOE & Superintendent Anthony Grosso to make CG School District go 100% virtual & to create a plan for a phased in reopening.