DANS LA RUE; Please encourage people to raise $$ in memory of Father Emmett Johns.

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Father Emmett Johns, Founder of Dans La Rue passed away in January. He was one of the most respected individuals in Quebec. 

Dans La Rue has been encouraged to welcome Montrealers to cycle in Le Tour de L’Ile de Montreal and raise funds in memory of Pops (Father Johns). All overtures to Dans La Rue and most of their board members have been ignored.

Why? In the words of a Companion of the Order of Canada concerning human behaviour; “It’s the not invented here attitude. It’s got to be their idea or else it’s no good.”

 Pops stands to have a park named after him by Montreal. What would Pops prefer? To have a park named in his honour, or potentially thousands of Montrealers raising funds for the benefit of Dans La Rue?

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