Black ECU Demands

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I.       Black Instructors

a.  Black instructors in proportion to Black students on campus in the same ratio as white instructors to white students on campus.

b.  Charts of racial, ethnic, and gender demographic statistics of students and faculty to be easily found on the ECU website

II.     Departments and Programs that Heighten the Histories and Challenges of Typically Marginalized Groups and Communities

a.  Equitable funding and necessary resources allocated to the Department of African and African American Studies, the Department of Ethnic studies, and the Department of Women’s Studies

b.  Creation and implementation of a race relations class that is added to the foundations curriculum for the students of ECU

c.  Promotion, encouragement and necessary support and funding for the cultivation of a Queer Studies program with courses concentrating on Queer and Trans people of color.

III.    Removal of Dr. Tracy Tuten from the Campus of East Carolina University

a.  Dr. Tuten is a problematic professor who established an unsafe and frightening environment for the students and the rest of the faculty at this university by promoting the act of carrying firearms on campus as a response to students protesting to bring awareness to the injustices faced by people of color.

IV.     Mental Health

a.  Hiring and recruitment of more counselors of color, with varying gender identities and sexual orientations

b.  Mental Health seminars led by the campus counseling center catered to students of color that promote discussion and awareness of the detrimental effects of oppressive power structures on students’ mental health and psyche.

V.       Removal of the Requirement of Standardized Tests Such as the SAT and ACT from the Admissions Process

a.   Education is a fundamental human right and high scores on standardized tests correlate closely with higher household income, disproportionately benefiting wealthier, white students.

VI.     Diversity Training

a.  Require diversity training for all faculty and staff, especially campus police that is developed and enacted with input from students, faculty, staff, alumni and the Greenville community.

b.  This includes LGBTQIA+ Safe Zone Training

VII.    Safety, Accountability, and Protection

a.  Address pirate fans who violently attacked members of the Marching Pirates at the football game of October 3rd with a public statement

b.  Hold campus police accountable for their actions and whenever use of excessive force situations are brought to the school’s attention

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