Make The North Sydney Skatepark Better

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The North Sydney skatepark lately has had people up there on four wheelers and by accident or not word gets around quick and I was told that they were the ones who ruined the pole jam at the skatepark. Even if it’s not true I’ve seen them drag mud through the entire park making it nearly “unskatable.”       I’m glad however that they did this because it made me realize when I was there the other day that besides the pole jam that has recently become bent and almost impossible to skate, the North Sydney skatepark has absolutely nothing at all to offer us it is far to small for every kid in Sydney Mines and North Sydney to go to and skate there is not enough room, I’m not saying make it big enough that everyone around can fit on it because not everyone’s going to be there, but if we can’t have enough room for 30 people to skate there without crashing into someone and getting hurt (which I’ve seen happen and has happened to me) then it needs to be extended. It does not need to be extended on a mile long though, there is a giant plain flat plot of land right behind the park where there are no trees and perfect length to add and make it bigger.

now when it comes to fixing the park we need new ground extremely bad, one of the reasons I fall so much is because there are very big cracks in the ground which stops my skateboard and sends me flying to the ground. We do not just need it patched up a little we need a whole new ground something smooth that we can work with because little patches here and there does not mean that it’s fixed it and get really bumby after a while making the ground bad and the patches even worse we need the whole place renovated and fixed starting with that pole jam and ground.

the last thing I’d like to add is that the skatepark is all we have.

as a teenager you may think that I do bad stuff and get in trouble a lot and you aren’t wrong to be completely honest. I’ve caused disturbance in peace and have really messed up places like McDonald’s just make the place complete chaos but I’ve grown up since then, some still haven’t. I’ve gone to places like Wendy’s and sat down to eat food I bought only to be told by a security guard that “you have 15 minuets to eat your food and get out or you’ll be kicked out.” With no other reason then I’m young and could most likely cause a disturbance when I’m finished my food or still there for to long.     I have not gotten a comment like that in a while now most likely because I do not go inside Wendy’s a lot after that interaction but now I feel as if I can not even go into a fast food restaurant without getting eyed at by everyone including the extreme amount of elderly people sit in there talking in the North Sydney Wendy’s/Tim Hortons.

the old people have Tim hortons and bingo and probably many family things they can do.

the young people have Indian beach, movie nights, a playground across from the movie nights, Monroe park, and a swing set right next to the skatepark.

teenagers have nothing, I can’t even go to teen skates anymore because I’ve gotten old enough that everyone there is 4 or 5 years younger than me but I’m still a teenager myself. 

A lot of people care about the skatepark but we can’t take care of a place that is small and destroyed please help in this petition to make our park better than ever many people go here because they can’t go to coxheath or how bad the Sydney mines one is the most we can do to those people and everyone else who goes to The Northside is give them something to be proud of and take care of I think the skatepark is the best place for it.

I liked to get in trouble because I had nothing else to do because of how bad the park is.      I liked to sit in my house all day because I can’t go to anything I’m either too old or too young for every event that happens here. The most I have is the skatepark where I can go and skate and feel like I’m doing something for the community by helping keep it nice and maybe if it’s big and worth taking care of a lot of people will join me.

We have nothing left besides this park without it we’re just meddling hoodlums.