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LADOT is about to reverse a motion that has preserved our ability to park on the apron or parkway along some of the busiest spots along Sunset Boulevard where there is no on-street parking. That means, for people like myself with young children, I am faced with the options of 1) Backing onto Sunset when I leave the house onto a blind curve as we don't have a circular driveway. 2)  Parking on Arno Way and running across the 4 lanes that make up Sunset or 3) Parking around the block in front of our neighbors on Livorno or Bollinger. In any event, it poses a real danger to those of us who live on Sunset and anyone who visits us. Please read the following letter to Councilman Mike Bonin and consider signing this petition to save our parking.

We, the undersigned, express our extremely urgent concerns about the new desire by the city to enforce against parkway parking.

Six years ago, this portion of your council district experienced this same problem when we unexpectedly and with no warning were issued citations for parking in the easements in front of our homes, which was and still is normal and customary in this area based upon the fact that there is a prohibition against on-street parking and a severe scarcity of off-street parking. Based on what we have heard on the news and read in the newspaper recently, this new rule has gone into effect again. Should the ordinance be enforced, we will have received no acknowledgement or warning from the City.

 This new ordinance greatly diminishes our property value and in some cases, eliminates all additional parking aside from, in many cases, a singular driveway space.  These easements where we park are largely hidden from vehicular line of sight by landscaping and city-owned trees that we water and maintain at our own expense.  These parkways are not eyesores, nor do they block the sidewalks. Parking on our parkways presents no ADA issues.  

 Furthermore, constituents in the greater neighborhood who enjoy sufficient on-street parking will now have far less on-street parking, as those of us who live on Sunset will be forced to park blocks away from our homes in front of other resident’s homes. Now that school is back in session, there will be far less on-street parking options available in our neighborhood, as within a 5-block radius there are three schools, including Marquez Elementary, Palisades Montessori and Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles. On trash pickup days, street parking will be difficult to find.

 In 2001, your predecessor, Mr. Rosendahl, along with Councilmember Koretz, filed a motion (Council File 11-1676) that addressed this issue. A clarifying letter from the General Manger of the Department of Transportation was issued on October 19, 2011 (attached) stating that, “LADOT is not issuing parking citations under Los Angeles Municipal Code section 80.53 for parking on a driveway apron. Traffic officers have been instructed as to the change. In addition, any citations issued in error under LAMC section 80.53 on October 12, 2011 or later will be administratively cancelled.” Upon receipt of this letter, we were under the impression that this matter was closed and resolved to both our and the city's satisfaction.

 Neither the Transportation Committee nor the City Council considered the harms that would be caused in non-inflamed parkway areas such as Pacific Palisades. While this new rule may make sense in certain parts of the city, enforcement in our area in Council District 11 will cause irreparable harm to our property values and our futures in this stretch of your district near Marquez.

 Removing our rights to park in our easement parkway areas will prevent deliveries, maintenance vehicles and friends and family from visiting our homes.  This will make many home repairs, such as roofing, literally impossible.  Many of the undersigned are either elderly or have young children and parking far away from our homes is simply an unacceptable option.

 We urge you to visit with us, in person, to understand our unique parking challenges. We applaud your leadership in representing CD 11 on a vast array issues and we hope that you will stand up for your constituents on this most basic issue of being able to access our homes.


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