Petition Closed
Petitioning The United States Government

Cease and desist the electoral vote , and inspect computer ballot program for fraud prototypes installation , before voting..

This petition will try to help prevent ballot collectors from commiting fraud and making ballot counting fair for the people.  It is in the best interest of the people to have the computer ballot devices inspected for fraud programs before the vote is taken. By changing this the people  will have some protection from fraud allowing all votes to be counted and by removing the  Electorial vote it will no longer give one organization the power to elect without the votes of the people counting. Please check the video link where they admitted fraud in a court of law  .I also posted a link to the definition of the Electoral vote if you need that information also . I believe "We The People" can make the change ,Thank you.



Letter to
The United States Government
"We The People " are asking the U.S Government to Cease and desist the use of the electoral vote . We want outside computer companies to inspect computer ballot programs for fraud prototypes before they are used to vote with. We want this done in hopes of preventing some of the fraud, and suspicions of fraud , plaguing elections . To know that the elected candidates win fare and square, will bring more people out to vote and eventually we just might begin to believe we count and you care.