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Cease all offshore processing of asylum seekers who arrive by boat

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* Australians are compassionate people. We want a policy with strong humanitarian values. We believe that people who are only trying to survive should be given a fair go

* We are deeply grieved by current policies which are harsh and heartless. These policies are punishing innocent men, women and children

* For the past 15 years over 90% of Asylum Seekers have been assessed as being genuine

* Instead of indefinite detention, asylum seekers should be processed on Australian soil as rapidly as possible

* People who are fleeing for their lives should not be treated worse than criminals and detained indefinitely without charge

* The effects of long term detention are widely recognised. Current policy will only place increased unbearable burdens on innocent people

* Asylum Seekers are not security risks or 'illegal immigrants'. It is not against the law to seek asylum in Australia. Australia is signatory to international treaties and have therefore promised to protect those who seek asylum

* Many asylum seekers arriving by non conventional means do not have conventional means of seeking asylum open to them

* Australians are generous people and our nation is wonderfully blessed. We are happy to share our freedom with those deprived of it in their own land

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