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Drastically increase the City of Atlanta budget to fight blight!

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The City of Atlanta currently has 15,000 abandoned homes and buildings that are located in the city limits. The ability of Code Enforcement, Public Works, and other departments to effectively fight the blight is directly related to the budget that they receive each year. City budgets can essentially be seen as a measure of what the City of Atlanta deems as most important. To date tackling the difficult issue of blight has not been a priority at all. City departments have never been given the budgets that they need to move more efficiently to solve the issue that keeps countless neighborhoods from truly turning a corner.


A proposal has now been created from a citizen perspective to fight the blight. The information below goes into greater detail in regards to our requests:


Code Enforcement


Researchers are essential to assisting the Code Enforcement department with reducing the number of unserved citations, as well as digging into long outstanding cases that go unresolved. Adding more researchers will work to make the Code Enforcement Department more efficient overall.


Demolition of seriously deteriorating blighted properties is also a high priority. We believe that the budget Code Enforcement receives should be much larger than the $2 million that was set aside in last years budget. A larger investment in demolition will ensure that unsafe properties are more efficiently taken care of, and will also help to reduce the backlog of properties needing to be demolished. This will in turn lead assist in beautifying our neighborhoods, stabilizing them, and reduce costs incurred by the police and fire departments who respond to issues that occur at abandoned properties.



●      20 new researchers

●      An annual researchers salary is $31,100

●     Requesting that Code Enforcement be granted an additional $622,000


●     Requesting that $7 million dollars be allotted to the Code Enforcement Budget for the express purpose of demolishing seriously deteriorating blighted property.


Public Works


Dumping and littering is an issue that many communities and neighborhoods in SW Atlanta face. One crucial problem contributing to the littering is the fact that there are not an adequate amount of public trash cans available for citizens to throw garbage away in. Greatly increasing the number of trash cans will assist in reducing litter and helping to beautify communities.




●     200 trash cans

●     After vendor research, we found a company that charges $452

●     Requesting that the Public Works Department specifically allot $90,400 for the sole and express purpose of distributing them in Atlanta neighborhoods that are in need of them. Trash cans will be evenly distributed so that all communities in need will receive trash cans.


The Public Works Department will be soon be launching night and weekend shifts that officers will take part in. The goal is to catch and site individuals who dump trash at night and on the weekends. We feel that granting the department a budget that would allow for a sizeable number of officers to work nights and weekends would go a long way in preventing and decreasing the amount of illegal dumping that occurs



●     15 Public Works Officers

●     The average salary of a Public Works Officer is $38,000

●     Requesting that the Public Works Department be granted an additional $570,000 for the sole and express purpose of hiring the additional officers.




As committed and active citizens of SW Atlanta neighborhoods, we stand united in our quest to get the City of Atlanta to make blight reduction and beautification initiatives a priority. The only way for this to occur is for city budgets to be greatly increased so that the Code Enforcement and Public Works departments will have the necessary resources to attack problems that continue to plague many of our neighborhoods.


We are calling on the Atlanta City Council to ensure that these requests are inserted into the budget. It is time to focus the necessary attention on communities and neighborhoods in our great city that have been ignored for far too long. Many of us our very active in our communities, and are working very hard to turn things around. The fact of the matter is that we cannot do it alone. We need for our elected officials to step up to the plate and assist as well.




Sylvan Hills Neighborhood Association

Ashview Heights Neighborhood Association

Oakland City Neighborhood Association

Westwood With A Vision Community Group

Hammond Park Neighborhood Association

Westview Neighborhood Association

Capitol View Manor Neighborhood Association

Adair Park Neighborhood Association

West End Neighborhood Development

Mozley Park Neighborhood Association

Capitol View Neighborhood Association

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