Paranoid Pot Policy Prohibits Patient's Pain Relief for Public "Protection"

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Under the Cannabis Act, Medicinal Marijuana (MMJ) patients who safely used edibles and extracts for years were expected to “shut up and wait” for products they need to function. So much for the narrative that medicinal marijuana patients would receive "continued access"!

Medicinal Marijuana offers a unique and gentle treatment and can be consumed in a surprising number of ways. Each individual has specific strains (ex. Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid variations) that work best for their physiology and medical conditions. Whole plant medicine has been very promising against chronic pain in patient testimony. Studies have deemed MMJ safe for pain control, seizures, and more. Unfortunately, this incredible medicine is highly restricted and over priced under the Cannabis Act, leading to a thriving black market.

The Liberal Government of Canada have created supply & demand issues, and potency regulations that discriminate against patients with severe pain. CBD and THC extracts in ratios from 10:1 to 1:1 have been proven effective for neuropathic pain. The full scope of extracts are not being sold in the legal market, let alone by a single Lisenced producer (LP). Every time I look up LP's products I get stressed out. What is being sold is overpriced and limited.

From 2013-2018 I paid $30 for 1000MG 10:1 CBD (viscous) extract. LP  5:1 CBD (liquid) extract is $150. Thats before I even get to the second half of my meds; edible THC for pain (inconveniently maxed at 10MG per cap!). On a bad night, I may need 25 caps and I would be charged per cap rather than by potency. It's just stupid and too damn expensive. All while the media, "consultants", and the government tell me how lucky I am to have legalized marijuana access. Yes, how wonderful for my chronic pain and limited finances to have to test new products at four times the price! They may not work and I can't get a refund! And tax on top of that? Boy, such an honour to be a lab rat. So very, very lucky...... (!?!)

There was no danger to the public for patients to have uninterrupted access to the full scope of medicinal marijuana products during the legalization process. The fact that Medicinal Marijuana was available for use from 2000-2018 can attest to that. The legal MMJ market can't keep up with current demand, and this needs to be addressed. 

Relevant MMJ Facts:

"Charlotte's Web" is a marijuana extract created for a little girl suffering from 100's of seizures a day. This extract has incredible efficacy in combating the debilitating seizures and is currently being studied in the US. 

There are zero reported deaths worldwide from taking ONLY marijuana edibles.

In regards to physical withdrawal and dependency, Smoking or eating marijuana has significantly milder effects than opioid or alcohol withdrawal.

Studies have repeatedly shown marijuana can replace opioids used by long term chronic pain sufferers.  

Current US Patents for Marijuana as Medicine:

Cannabinoids as neuroprotectants and antioxidants:

Cannabididol for Anti-nausea:  

CBD & THC combos for neuropathic pain:  

CBD as anti-inflammatory: 



IMMEDIATELY PERMIT ALL FORMS OF MEDICINAL MARIJUANA PRODUCTS TO BE PRODUCED AND SOLD (Decriminalize the legacy market to give the legal market time to catch up. This will allow patient's needs to be met). ***Lift potency caps that price gouge those suffering the most. ***

IMMEDIATELY give First Nations People a seat at the table for  legal cannabis.

IMMEDIATELY DO A PROPER STUDY ON DRIVING ON MJ. Alcohol and marijuana ARE NOT THE SAME. Driving regulations target daily medicinal marijuana users. See this patient with MS who paid the price for her sobriety:

DO NOT TAX MEDICINAL CANNABIS. Patient's medicinal marijuana should be partially covered depending on the patient's ability to work. Collect 100% of patient usage data to begin a country-wide study.

FOR THE FUTURE: It is well beyond the right time for the Canadian Medical Association to publicly acknowledge that Marijuana can be used as medicine. Stop ignoring Canadian patients who say MMJ works for them!