CDN Federal Gov: Run a Balanced Budget for the 2019-2020 Fiscal Year

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Since Confederation, elected federal officials in Canada have struggled to satisfy our society’s unlimited needs and wants with limited resources. While in the early twentieth century taxpayer revenue was sufficient to fund government spending, over the past half-century our federal government has become increasingly dependent on borrowing to fund its lofty budgets.

The most recently announced federal budget, entitled ‘Equality + Growth’ and tabled by the current Finance Minister, is no exception to this troubling reality. Bill Morneau’s federal budget plans to increase the federal debt by approximately $17.8 billion, which would increase the total amount Parliament owes to ~$650 billion.

From its inflationary impact to the inevitable financial burden it places on future generations, a massive federal government debt total is not something our elected officials should be worsening through the legislation they propose.

This petition calls on Canada’s current Finance Minister, Prime Minister, and other politicians affiliated with the federal branch of the Liberal Party of Canada to stop worsening the federal government’s debt burden.

The negative, long-term economic effects of our government’s debt are drastic and not ones which the current government in power should be contributing to.

Sign this petition today to implore our Liberal elected officials to run a balanced budget for the 2019-2020 fiscal year so that we can begin to reduce the government’s debt total in the years to come.