Palette condo - Relocation of Pedestrian Gate

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The current location of pedestrian gate after vehicle entrance required the positioning of the current zebra crossing which poses multiple dangers to drivers, delivery people, and most of all residents who use this numerous times day in and out.

This is essentially a design flaw that could have been avoided in the first place if the pedestrian gate was placed near BBQ Pit 3 nearer to D'nest side. Pedestrians are currently exposed to danger posed by motorised vehicles especially when there is no stop line demarcating where vehicles should stop before the zebra crossing. Pedestrians have to be very alert as there are vehicles coming up from basement car parks on both sides and vehicles entering Palette at the same time. All these are dangerous hazards to our young, elderly and adult pedestrians.

In addition, the proposed side gate will draw pedestrians away from roundabout where possible. Vehicular traffic will be smoother once the pedestrians are drawn over to the new proposed side gate. It will be also nearer to MRT, White Sands and future overhead bridge and bus stop.

We would like to gather your support to appeal to CDL to reposition this pedestrian gate (with card access, perhaps intercom if possible).

Safety and lives of our residents are of paramount importance in this exercise. To date, many near miss accidents had been reported. We hope to have your good support towards a viable result.

To make your vote count in case of pushback, our dear residents kindly please also proceed to the MA office to sign the petition in person with your unit details.