Fed up struggling to park your bike? Fed up being teated as a second class citizen?

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Dear CDHB Board 

We the undersigned cycle to work.  Our reasons include 

  • Health benefits
  • Reducing CO2 emissions
  • Convenience  

We believe the CDHB should promote cycling and encourage staff to cycle to work. 
The bicycle parking facilities for staff on the main campus are inadequate and  discourage cycling

  • Not enough parking spaces
  • Not enough room to manoeuvre bikes in and out, especially cargo bikes 
  • Dirty, uneven ground (LGF park) 
  • Uncovered (Main entrance) 
  • Poor lighting 

Bikes often have to be carried over other bikes to be parked or retrieved (potential injury), especially challenging with electric bikes and cargo bikes (which allow transportation of children, shopping etc.).  Bumping into bikes and other cyclists is a daily problem, social distancing is challenged. Dirty, uneven ground risks injury and often results in dirty clothes. 

CDHB should promote cycling rather than giving the impression of neither valuing it, nor its cyclists. We get this message loud and clear at the beginning and end of every day as we struggle with our bikes. 

There is an opportunity for the CDHB to build on the cycling revolution that the lockdown created, to promote public health, to protect our environment, to show commitment to staff and ease the pressure on car parking.  

  1. We invite the Board to visit the bike parking facilities and try and park a bike after 08.00 on a week day, an electric bike for a real challenge. 
  2. We ask the Board to commit to promote and encourage staff cycling to work and to demonstrate this commitment by providing adequate parking facilities for all cyclists and potential cyclists.