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Fix the Ridgecrest Louisiana water plant

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The water is ridgecrest Louisiana has been contaminated w/ Lead, pesticides, high levels of THM's and many many other harmful things. The town was robbed by our previous mayor and a person who was responsible for the bank deposits a few years ago. The new mayor and people in charge on the town council have increased our water bill partially because they want to attempt to fix it but the other part is because they want the money back that was stolen by the previous mayor and employee. The thieves were never held accountable for what they stole from the town. Recently the employee who stole approx $25,000 dollars was put in jail.

the money has been paid back by the citizens of ridgecrest. The increased our flat rate water bill from $32.00 a month for water we can not drink to $60 a month for water we can not drink.  I do not think it's fair to the citizens that they have done that to us.  The lines our water runs through are so Old they have contaminated our water with large amounts of LEAD. The new mayor received a government grant over $25,000 dollars that's been used to buy more chemicals & salt for the  dying  Plant. From what I understand the plant only has only  4years max before it will not run properly anymore. It's already not running properly. The water is so hard that citizens have to replace water heaters and other house hold  appliances.

The lead is at levels over 15ppm. Which can be extremely dangerous for babies & children. I'm doing this  petition  Because I don't know what else to do. This is an attempt to get someone's attention to fix our plant. Overpriced water bill, & contaminated unsafe water. The water comes  out of Fossett  Yellow/ brown no matter what area of the neighborhood your in. We really need a new plant before we have no water anymore. We really need safe drinking water. 

The town has majority low income citizens & a lot live on SSI. People can not afford to pay the $60 a month and but $85 -$100 a month in store bought drinking water gallons. Please sign this  petition. The people of ridgecrest need all the support they can get.  We have been stolen from by people & forced to pay back for some one else's crimes & sold contaminated unhealthy water for far to long. Enough is enough we need help here. 


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