Scale the production of antibody-based drugs for Covid-19 to save lives and our economy

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The Immunoprevention Petition is relaunching!


Thank you once again for signing and supporting the Immunoprevention Petition.  

The last few weeks have been exciting ones - game changing antibody therapeutics and drugs are now very close to market.  If you have not checked our site recently, you can learn about the leaders here:

The key and thus far underserved role that antibodies can play in turning the tide sooner has also enjoyed a growing chorus of prominent voices, such as Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the former FDA Commissioner.

But with the virus surging across the nation and the world, the need for urgent action to bring focus and resources to scaling the production and distribution of these new tools is greater than ever.

Therefore, after consultation with our Science Board and other advisors, we are relaunching our Petition on our site so that we can enable signers to self-identify in 3 categories:

  • Scientists in Public Health, Virology and Epidemiology
  • Medical Practitioners
  • Citizens

This will enable us to more effectively target our outreach.

If you are so inclined, please submit your e-signature again there:

And please spread the word!   Thanks again.

The ImmunoPrevention Team

Geoffrey Halstead
12 months ago