Refund at least half the fees of students enrolled in CDAC courses

Refund at least half the fees of students enrolled in CDAC courses

30 June 2020
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Started by Mr Anonymous

CDAC is an Information Technology training course which has centers all over India. It conducts 2 batches per year, the February and the August batch.We, the students who have enrolled for the post graduation course(PG-DAC) Feb-2020 batch for a 6 month course starting from 18th of February. But as we all know that due to the Corona Virus pandemic our colleges have been shut from 14th March, which is just a month after our classes commenced.

Since then, there have been a few online lectures that we have attended. We had been assured that the teaching will be resumed through physical lectures and the subjects covered in the online lectures will be taught again. Even the feedback from most of the students for it was that it is not as effective as classroom lectures as well as not understanding the concepts very clearly.

But in a new notice released on 1st July from CDAC, it has been stated that online lectures will start from 15th of July with no repetition of what already has been covered in online lectures and CDAC plans to complete the course by January 2021. This means we will be completing a 6 month course in a period of 12 months. We are all aware that the Corona virus situation is not in anyone's control and it is not CDAC's fault and not blaming them but it is not our fault either.

There are alot of problems being a student we are facing:

1.Educational LOAN taken by the student, as fees are too high, and now they are talking about we will look for the fees compensation.
Students have paid more than 1,06,200 fees, so that they will gain the best knowledge, and get a job asap so that they can help their families.
but now as per CDAC guidelines given, they have clearly said that, henceforth the classes for Feb 2020 batch will be conducted online, there will be no repetition.

CDAC is best known for classroom teaching and placements, this is the main reason for which a lot of people want to go through CDAC training, and now we are not gonna get that classroom training.

Now the question arises that, we are not gonna use your infrastructure, no libraries,not even internet facility so why we have paid you 106000 Rs fees, if we want to have the online sessions only , then we could have done it from YouTube, Coursera, Udemy like online learning apps, and also some courses provide certificates which just cost like 500-1000Rs. We could have easily opted for it and studied on our own without spending a single Rupee or minimum costs.

So why have we paid 1 Lakh fees, which is such a big amount for students like us? that is the big question.

A lot of students are there in CDAC, who's mother is pensioners, whose father is not alive, some of the students' parents work as labor a lot scenarios are there, we know how we have collected the fees for this course, and now they are talking about conducting the course online. Some students have quit their jobs for attending this course, which looks like a huge mistake for them.

Hence, we want to have some compensation for those fees.

2.Internet facility and laptops for online studies: some of people live in rural areas, they don't even have proper internet connection, how those people will go for online lectures, and also a lot of people don't have the financial background that much strong to buy a laptop ,because of this pandemic situation they don't even have a penny to go market and buy a 5 kg of sugar how they will arrange a good internet connectivity and laptop, and CDAC is demanding them to arrange laptops and internet facility on their own within 10 days, without even thinking about their financial background.

We all know how the economy has gone drastically down, and one should think about all these concerns, so that we students and high authorities combine take some decisions, and help everyone.

3. Students who have moved from their hometowns to different cities for the course have taken up some house on rent or stayed as a paying guest which in a city like Mumbai costs around 5-6k per month and they have to continuously pay that from past 4 months and continue to pay it ahead. It is not a small amount for middle class people like us to afford all these costs.

As we won't be proceeding with the classroom lectures and continuing with online lectures which will be completed in 12 months which is not what we opted for. And even after completion of that we have no job placement guarantee and hence, We wan't you to refund us at least half of the fees we paid which is ₹53100.


This petition made change with 617 supporters!

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