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Bring Shani back

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Shani is a sensible, intelligent medic that depending on player's choices is a major romantic interest in the first game to the point where Geralt thinks they could settle down together.

The franchise prides itself in providing us "choices that actually matter", but unfortunately not in this case because the second game completely ignored Shani and our choice and makes the player wake up in bed with another woman, Triss, someone with whom the player might have never wanted to be with in the first place.

Later, CDPR patched in a note claiming the relationship with Shani ended because Geralt preferred "to pursue the missions King Foltest assigned him" instead of being with her, even though he may tell Foltest right in the prologue that he wants to leave with Triss (????).

Comes The Witcher 3 and another missed opportunity since Shani is only barely mentioned. Now, we only have one last chance: the upcoming expansions and one of them will even take place in Oxenfurt, where Shani should be.

So, why bring back Shani?

  • She is great
  • Respecting player's choices
  • Fixing the illogical retcon
  • Chance of concluding Geralt's story with his lover from the first game
  • One more option for the players
  • Not a sorceress (fellow witchers Eskel and Lambert would approve)
  • "I miss you dearly, my red-haired sweetheart. I miss your smile, I miss you being close to me. I hope that we well be together again soon and that all will be well. (Geralt's letter to Shani from The Witcher)"

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