Bring Back cut content Cyberpunk 2077

Bring Back cut content Cyberpunk 2077

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KaiDie KaiDie started this petition to CD-PROJEKT Red and

Dear CDPR. What happened?

This petition is about bringing back or having CD-PROJEKT Red add content into the game Cyberpunk 2077 that was clearly meant to be there but was for some reason cut away. 

It is specifically also to bring awareness to CD-PROJEKT Red that we the fans truly care for this game, but that we are not happy with the state of the game. 

Let me start by saying that I am not angry about the bugs or performance launch, these things happen and you have already proven before that these things you can iron out with patches.

On the other hand let me be clear about your biggest fault with this game. It is quite clear that the real protagonist of this game has always been the CITY and not V or Johnny, but how you manage to make this city so barren I cannot understand. First of all you said there would be no minigames, fine that is not the biggest problem. A bit of a dumb move if I may be honest especially since having a gwent like minigame taking place in the cyberpunk world would have been quite awesome, or even a gambling minigame. Yet what I do not understand is how you cannot interract with the city at all to be a wise decision.

-There are food stalls everywhere in the city, but you cannot sit and eat.
-There are bars everywhere in the city, but you cannot sit and drink.
-There are nightclubs in the city but you cannot have one night stand or interract with people there.
-There are ripperdocs thoughout the city, but you cannot sit in the ripperdoc chair and choose your cyberware from there.
-There is an apartment with a gun room with a wall, but you cannot hang up your unique guns to the wall.
-There are prostitutes everywhere, but you cannot interract with them except 4 I will get back to that.
-There are shops that sells braindance videos, but you cannot watch them.

CDPR what is going on?? Dont you remember the scene in Blade Runner when Harrison Fords character sat down and ate his noodles? Did no one in your team say, ''You know what would be cool. If players could do that in OUR game.''

JOYTOYS. You have all of these crazy cyberware npc freaks in the game, of all types. From the Asian inspired doll like npc, to the advertised penis man pumper, and the borg collective. Yet the only 4 JOYTOYS you can choose from, in the entire city, are the blandest looking characters in the entire game...You have really well made sex animations, but you have not jumped on the oppurtunity to add more choice? There are npcs that look more interresting walking around your city then these 4.

Here are my suggestions for you.
-Add sitting down and eat animations by food stalls, you already have it in one of the main missions so why not just add it to food stalls?
-Add for godsake drink animations in the bars and nightclub when talking to bartenders, you literally do that all the time in the main missions.
-Have the player sit in the ripperdoc chair and from there be able to choose the cyberware, maybe even cut to black afterwards and just add some sounds.
-Have the ability to hang up unique guns in the apartment.
-MORE JOYTOYS, it is so ridicoulous that there is only 4 in the entire city, especially when you guys were so proud of presenting full frontal nudity, for no real reason, and have penises and sextoys everywhere...
-Braindance outside of main missions, get rid of being able to buy braindance videos from shops or make it possible to see them. Having them there sold to players is just torture.
-Night clubs, add something to do there... Talk to someone, flirt, drink anything, dance with people not just on your own.


-Add back trains, more apartments, the option to invite people to your apartment, customization to clothes, refined police response, AI tuning, minigames and general interractions with the city.

Most of these suggestions can be done with what you have. I beg of you I really want this game to be great, and you deliver on the immersive experience in night city.

Bring Back Cut Content!

PS. 100 Eddies for a night with a joytoy...really? The Witcher 3 prostitues made you bleed money.

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At 10,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!