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After the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida, as well as numerous mass shootings all over the country, I have realized just how easy it is for anyone to commit such a horrendous act anywhere. It seems as though no one is safe or immune to such tragedies. So many lives have been taken from innocent young people that had their whole future ahead of them. Great teachers, that have made a huge impacts in students’ lives, have been ripped away from their own families by becoming human shields for their students. Imagine if anything like that happened here at CCTS. With twelve buildings, we are much more like a college campus than a regular high school, but what makes us unique also makes us vulnerable.

Since the massacre at Stoneman Douglas High School I have realized more and more that our school is not really secure at the entrance gate. As students, teachers and parents come through those gates no one checks each vehicle to be sure that the person inside is a student, parent, staff, or faculty member. Our security guards should be checking for some sort of identification card containing the person’s name and photograph. Perhaps this identification could be compared to a master list containing the names of each student, parent, teacher, and administrator.

I wanted to start a petition to have more security here at our school. Some of our students do not feel safe, know where to hide, or what to do if there were an actual active shooter situation. Yes, we do practice drills, but I don’t feel that is enough. I believe our school could be a lot safer if we had our security guards stop every person that comes through our gates every day.

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