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Freedom Of Music!

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I am a student who suffers major depression, anxiety and I struggle in school due to antisocial problems. I rely souly on my music, before school, passing periods and at lunch. Although recently,  CCSD has put a “rule” stating wireless earbuds, heads phones (i.e Beats by Dr. Dre) are not allowed.

Conflict: Just recently I have been extremely disrespected by my school’s dean. As I barely stepped foot on campus, my dean approached me and asked for my friends to step away from me. He then firmly asked to hand my headphones over, I asked him why, and soon afterwards he asked again. I confusedingly didn’t understand, until the other teacher said they’re not allowed and neither are wireless earbuds. I offered to put them in my bag, but the dean then told me “if you run from me, I will catch you.” I asked him what he meant by that, and explained kindfully and respectfully, I am not willing to hand expensive headphones to him but would rather walk to the deans office myself. Which he refused to let me do. He then told me I had to be picked up, otherwise I would be suspended. He then tried to snatch them out of my hands and I backed up.  As many students with the same/likewise headphones gathered around to witness the disrespectful interaction. He then made them leave... I was then escorted by a hall monitor to the deans office, he made me sit in the deans office over a period and a half, while threatening to suspend me. Both the hall monitors and receptionist believed it was wrong for his (the dean’s) actions.

Opinion: I feel as if this is not a problem. Especially before class starts, everyone has a right to their music. I caused no harm, I’ve never been in trouble or caused trouble. As a student I believe it is unfair to say what is and isn’t allowed during student’s time, especially if headphones/wireless earbuds are non-harmful . I have researched the CCSD rules and regulations, and I’ve seen there is no regulation in set about this. I would like to be able to comfortably listen to my music, on my own time, in school (i.e lunch, before school, passing periods and if teachers allow us, independent work).

Solution/What I ask: I ask that CCSD grant the use of all headphones, on students personal time and with teacher approval.

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