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This petition is requesting that the Loveland City Council reject the new development proposal from the California developer (The True Life Companies), and have the developer ‘mirror’ the lots in the Hunter’s Run community to the south of the new development with privacy fences and put the major corridor road to the north of the mirrored lots as was originally approved by Loveland City Council in 2006.  This petition also requests that the swale be increased as proposed in the new design to improve the water drainage issues, and replace the approved commercial portion of the development with the proposed park.  This will allow the developer to still profit, while keeping the neighboring communities happy to make a win-win situation for everyone.

As one of the northwest homeowners of the Hunter’s Run community, I would appreciate your support with this petition by providing your signature and address to help make this a win-win situation for our community, rather than a lose-win situation. 

Background information about the events leading up to this petition are that a new developer from California is buying the property called Lee Farm which is just to the north of the Hunter’s Run community and south of the Buckhorn community to the west of Wilson Avenue in Loveland, CO.  This developer has been buying land in up and coming areas, and is now targeting our community.  The original design for this land, which was approved by the Loveland City Council in 2006, included a ‘mirroring’ of the houses and property on the south side of the new development which butts up to the current Hunter’s Run community.  This original plan also included a reasonable easement, along with a privacy fence provided by the builder on the mirrored sites.  The road which will be built west of Wilson Ave off of 35th Ave was approved to run to the north of the ‘mirrored’ sites on the south side of the development.

This new developer is now proposing a revision to the original, approved design.  Their proposal increases the swale between Hunter’s Run and the new development which will greatly help with the water drainage issues that have plagued this side of town.  They have also recommended that the commercial portion of the approved development be replaced with a park, and the density be decreased slightly, which, again are positive changes.

The negative changes that this new developer is proposing with their plan is to no longer ‘mirror’ the lots in Hunter’s Run on the south side of the development, and to instead put a major corridor road immediately to the north of the proposed swale.  This means that the home owners who are in the cul-de-sacs in Hunter’s Run will now have a major road very close to their backyards.  In addition to this, the Hunter’s Run Homeowner’s Association does not allow privacy fences, so those homeowners on the north side of Hunter’s Run will be forced to deal with a major corridor road without being able to provide any privacy within their backyards.

If that weren’t enough, this new developer has also changed the original design so that there are now patio homes, and condos directly behind the current, high-end, single family homes of the Hunter’s Run community.  This means that the lots in Hunter’s Run to the south of the new proposed development will now see 2-3 patio homes across the major road that will span the length of their property, and some Hunter’s Run homeowners will also have condos across the street blocking their view of the foothills.  This will dramatically decrease the property values of the Hunter’s Run homeowners.

The deceptiveness of this developer since they have purchased this land is appalling.  Not only have the prairie dogs, who have been prevalent and multiplying for the past 14 years, suddenly disappeared since they bought the land, they have also convinced the City Council to approve a Metro District for this land.  A Metro District is basically a loan from the City from taxpayer’s dollars, to build the roads, sidewalks and other areas that normally would be paid for by the developer.  In turn, the new homeowners of this community will pay higher taxes to pay back this loan to the City.  What is not widely known, is that the taxes for the new homeowners in Lee Farm will be double the taxes of what they would pay for a similar size house in the neighboring communities.  Similar Metro Districts have failed miserably throughout Colorado, and even in our own City as evidenced by the Deer Meadows community near Marianna Buttes.

Please help stop this from happening in our community!  This is a lose situation for the Hunter’s Run homeowners who bought their houses on a cul-de-sac so they could keep their children safe and not have to worry about being on a major road.  They will now be faced with a major corridor right in their backyards with no ability to put up privacy fences to help protect their children, pets, and their privacy.  The only one that wins in this situation is the California developer whose proposal includes a phased approach to the development.  This will allow them to get the most profit in phase 1, while not seriously considering or caring about what this will do to the surrounding communities and our City in general. 

As a homeowner in Hunter’s Run who will be adversely affected by this new proposal, I am asking for your support to stop this developer from creating a lose-win situation, and instead ask for your signature to create a win-win situation.

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