Increase representation of East Asian teachers in TDSB

Increase representation of East Asian teachers in TDSB

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Vikki Huang (she/her), CCNCTO started this petition to TDSB

  您是否知道,尽管 TDSB 为许多不同种族背景的学生提供服务,但其教职员工的族裔背景没有与其学生的成比例?多伦多是一个多元化城市。然而,TDSB教职工的构成并不能充分反映学生的多样性;包括那些被种族化和边缘化的学生。

  根据 TDSB 的 2015 年人口普查画像,东亚学生约占 TDSB 学生人数的 39,400(或 15%)。大多数东亚学生是华裔血统,其中 68% 的父母是从中国或香港移民的。尽管学生人数众多,但东亚教师短缺。虽然没有可用的统计数据显示 TDSB 中东亚教师的百分比,但我们可以使用相关统计数据进行估计:

  • 2007 年,在多伦多和加拿大,有色人种教师分别仅占教师总数的 14.7% 和 5.4%。
  • 2015 年,安大略省只有 10% 的中学教师和 9% 的小学教师被种族化。

  鉴于东亚教师在 TDSB 中仅占所有种族教师的一小部分,东亚教师的实际百分比肯定低于 14.7% 和 5.4%,这在代表性方面已经相当低了。

  有趣的是,由于 TDSB 没有关于教师代表的最新统计数据,华人社区的学生和家长大使分享了关于 TDSB 学校缺乏教师代表和种族化教师的故事。例如,一名TDSB学生分享说,她的学校只有一名兼职中文教师,而华人学生占学生总数的15%以上。鉴于这位教师的兼职身份,此教师不容易接触和支持种族化的学生。



  1. 开展对教职工族裔背景分布的研究并发布最新的数据
  2. 按照东亚裔学生在每所学校的比例,雇佣更多的东亚裔教师
  3. 解释将采取哪些步骤来增加教学工作场所的多样性
  4. 解释招聘过程中采取哪些多样性评估程序以确保招聘透明性


     Did you know that although the TDSB serves many students of different ethnic backgrounds, it does not have a proportional representation of teaching staff who share these backgrounds? Toronto is an incredibly diverse city. However, the makeup of staff within the school board does not adequately reflect the diversity of its students; including those who are racialized and marginalized.

     According to the TDSB’s 2015 Census Portrait, East Asian students made up about 39,400 (or 15%) of the TDSB student population. The majority of East Asian students were of Chinese descent, with 68% having parents who emigrated from China or Hong Kong.

      Despite the large student population, there is a shortage of East Asian teachers. While no available statistics show the percentage of East Asian teachers within the TDSB, we can estimate using related statistics:

  • In 2007, teachers of colour accounted for only 14.7% and 5.4% of the total teacher population in metropolitan Toronto and in Canada, respectively.
  • In 2015, only 10% of Ontario’s secondary school teachers and 9% of elementary school teachers were racialized.

     Given that East Asian teachers only represent a fraction of all racialized teachers in the TDSB, the actual percentage of East Asian teachers must be lower than 14.7% and 5.4% in metropolitan Toronto and in Canada, which is already quite low in terms of representation.

     Anecdotally, in the absence of updated statistics on teacher representation from the TDSB, student and parent ambassadors within the Chinese community have shared stories about the lack of teacher representation and racialized teachers in TDSB schools. For example, one TDSB student shared that there was only one part-time Chinese-speaking teacher in her school while Chinese students made up more than 15% of total students. Given the part-time status of this teacher, they were not readily accessible and available to support racialized students.

     How can we build a more equitable future if East Asian and other racialized students do not have culturally-aware role models, sensitive to the unique needs of their communities? How can systemic racism be addressed when teachers do not reflect the communities they serve and lack lived experience of racism? How can diversity and inclusivity be our strengths if the education system is institutionalized by those who may not be educated on racialized communities’ struggles and stories?

     In order to create a more equitable school environment, we created the following action items that we would like to see in the future: 

1. Conduct research and publish up-to-date statistics on teacher representation within the TDSB annually 

2. Hire more East Asian teachers in proportion to the number of East Asian students at each school

3. Explain what steps the TDSB will take to increase the diversity of its workplace

4. Explain evaluation procedures the TDSB will use to ensure diversity is reflected in the actual hiring process for transparency

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