Eliminate Chlorine from Christchurchs Water Supply

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Open letter to all.

Dear Christchurch City Council.

Your chlorine makes my house smell like your pool facilities. Which are filthy 90% of the time.
Your chlorine has made my dog start to vomit. Your chlorine has made my skin dry, patchy and let's not forget itchy.
Your chlorine makes my food I pay good prices for taste like crap and made my stools unrecognisable.

Are you trying to deteriorate my health???

Cos your doing a bloody good job of it and it cost us to maintain living healthy and prosper.

Sort it out, or people will just up and leave this shameful act of inhumane behaviour.

It's unfair and not right!!!

Sincerely Christchurch City Dwellers who are concerned about their well-being and future.