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Buff, item and boost times in War of Thrones!

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War of Thrones is a real time war strategy game, many people enjoy playing it, I am one of those people, I have been playing since Oct 2015 and have spent a lot of money on my dragon in getting crystals and armour for it, I was happy to do so as long as I was getting what I paid for.

This is where I now explain the problem. No one is getting what they paid for, game developers have been inflating the figures in order to sell gem packs, let me go into further detail and give some examples.

Construction crystals, you can stack them up in your dragon armour, four can get you a 110% economic bonus speed up, or that is what they claim when you click and view it, +110% would rightly have you thinking you can speed up buildings much faster, unfortunately not, I tested this, it gives you roughly 24%, nowhere near the advertised figure, I also tested boots of haste, the claim on haste is you will get 100% faster resource farming over four hours, also not true, more like 32%, not just those items, advanced fire power for your dragon claims 50% but is more like 12%, so many items are just not delivering what the game developers claim they are supposed to do.

I mailed the developers to ask about this, they told me they have a formula, that 90% does not get you 90%, it is devious to say the least because at no point do they tell you this when you sign up to the game, nor does it say this in the notice board within the castle, it does not state this when you purchase the gem packs in order to get the 'free' bonus items, many buy gem packs just for those bonus items as they are needed, so to deceive people by inflating the figures is criminal.

Gem packs are expensive, many buy them, outside of the game if a product such as an iPad was advertised as having 32 GB of memory but was delivered with 16Gb we would kick up a fuss and ask for a refund based on the fact we were deceived upon purchase, it is no different in a game app, when you purchase something that has concrete percentage figures and the figures are much lower than advertised then it is misleading, it is false advertising, it is unacceptable behaviour by the game makers that makes all game players lose out.

I am asking that the game developers treat customers with respect, game players are their customers, do not inflate the figures to sell gem packs, if construction crystals or boots of haste or any item has a lower percentage figure when we use it then advertise it correctly, inflated figures lead to disappointment, they lead to people leaving the game and asking for their money back, the game developers will lose trust and be viewed with contempt, it is a deceitful practice, stop it!

I ask Apple and Google to investigate this, game players use their stores and they also have a responsibility to ensure no one is deceived when they purchase items from within their stores.

War of Thrones is a fun game, of late the events have been monotonous, they repeat the same ones, give out the same old prizes in limited events which is unsuitable for a developed world, they give VIP points which are useless for daily login for many players who actually need more free speed ups, I would ask developers to have more variety in their events, allow players who have completed VIP to exchange for speed ups, make it a top 100 get prizes so that more players participate and enjoy the game, you are killing your game by being greedy and targeting events at those few players who will gem to win.

This petition is about buffs, boosts, items that claim to deliver percentages that on the box look good but in reality are far lower than claimed, every player needs to know that these items are accurate and do what they say they do, otherwise we spend a lot of money and get bad value in return, I ask game developers to stop this false advertising, this deceitful practice they are engaged in, treat us fairly and give us the true percentages that each item gives us, do not say 110% when it is 24% that is all I ask, please do not deceive and lie and inflate the figures.

I ask my fellow game players to check and time their buffs, boosts and items carefully, time them off and when switched on, find out the truth and let us do something together to make a change, this is our game, let us fight for it.

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