We want grace mark in CBSE board physics paper 2020 more than 8 marks.

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Last year’s Class XII batch had an extension of the moderation policy, which awarded grace marks, after Delhi high court intervened. CBSE has said the moderation policy has been stopped from this year. This is not fair as the previous batches had the moderation policy and the succeeding batches would have a reduction in the syllabus, why change in syllabus now we read the whole course,even ray optics both in 11 and 12 and they'll get benefit why,they should have to read full course as we all along with previous bathes did.and we want maximum grace from cbse moe than 12 marks according to paper's lenient checking . Beacuse the put lengthy question, and even tough, vry difficult to complete in 3 hrs, neither it was as they gave 12-15mrks numericals and rest theory and derivations and some applications 8-10  mark the put uo maximum application ones we need ease in marking, we want grace in all seta all l,ll and lll.