Want lenient marking for the board exam held on 7th of march 2018 by CBSE,subject-physics

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It was my improvement exam,last year I couldn't score good.so this time I prepared well and hard,I didn't take any kind of tuition or coaching because I couldn't afford it, my parents had a divorce last year and I am on my mother's side, so my father said if you are on her side I am not gonna give a single penny and thus he threw me and my mother out of house and we have been in a very miserable and rough tough condition.coming to the question paper no year yes I mean to say no year any subject's question paper has been according to the marking system (I mean to say that according to the given marking system that say's this much amount of marks will come in the exam from this chapter or that chapter) but its never been true same comes to the this year's question paper, some how at least they should release the question paper according to marking scheme which they have given itself and for the current year there should be easy marking,as section C in the question paper was really tricky, tough, and time consuming.for the future.hence these are my feeling and thoughts

thank you