Unjust decision of CBSE

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I am raising this petition in light of CBSE’s recent decision to re-conduct Board examination for Class 10 (Maths) and Class 12 (Eco) due to “alleged” paper leak. This decision comes as a shock to over 28 lakh students and I think I speak for everyone when I ask, Whose fault is it ? It’s not our responsibility to keep the paper confidential and make sure nobody tampers with them. It was our responsibility to prepare and appear for the test and we did. And I think it’s time CBSE took note of their responsibilities and their duties, which they have not been carrying out with “sanctity” as they propagate to “uphold”. With this petition I wish to protest and urge CBSE to revisit their decision and next time onwards be more careful handling the questions papers. And not let greed of money overrule the future of 28 lakh hardworking students.