The 12 CBSE Board Examinations should be blemish-free of trifle mistakes.

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am a student of Class 12,appering for AISSCE Examinations, conducted by CBSE this year. Despite, having a contented and satisfying examination of English on the 5th of March, I felt there was an anamoly in the invigilation process of the examination, which concerns both the Education board and the Centre of Examination I was alloted to. During the beginning of the examination, a bell is rung to indicate the inception of the writing time. At the same moment, it started by stopwatch and clocked my time through the length of the paper. Towards the end, I checked my watch and noted the time - 12 mins remaining. However, I seemed most odd to me that the invigilators began collecting the answer sheets an ample of time before the alleged notified time limit. I even protested to be given some extra time, but the invigilators, being bound to protocols, couldn't furnish me anymore.

What I felt is that more than the CBSE, it is the shortcoming of the respective examination centre to have let such thing transpire. Now that since student-inspired Petitions are gaing  momentum on this very website, I feel like voicing my opinion too. Whoever wishes to object against this minisule, but otherwise serious blunder of the authorities can sign in favour of my cause. Your support will greatly helpful in preventing any such future instances.

Thank you.