Stop the re-exam of 12th economics

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Dear friends ....this is one of the current batch of cbse 12th commerce....the recent head lines of every news is the re-examination that is announced by the cbse for the subject economics..I don't understand in what way the cbse is a very responsible but the leakage speaks another the students are not responsible for any kind of leakage happening either for the economics paper nor the 10th maths paper...I object to the core the idea of re-examination...we have studied hard for more than a year and even harder for the past 2months but all in vain. This is actually discouraging us.Even if the paper is leaked in some of that shows the irresponsibility of the so called authority CBSE . Even though that syllabus was though comparing to the previous year and the presiding year gets the syllabus cut off to the  half..And we the current year batch is suffering with the exam conducted over an over again.we don't know that the posted online copies were actually posted before the exam..there is chance of posting it after the exam for revaluation... please help us from this blackhole...we too want some peace of mind ...please.. support us....and try to share it if you can......please make the authorities of CBSE and the government understand that we the citizens are not their puppets... SUPPORT US!