Stop Re-Exam of Economics Class 12

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CBSE in hurry took the decision of re-examination of economics ,class 12 , without consulting students . They didn't try to know what we want . For the CBSE's kind info I want them to know that every paper was leaked , and it's their mistake not the students . CBSE has done the mistake of not maintaining the secrecy. It's the mistake of CBSE and any insider is involved then only it's possible to leak the question paper a day before the examination. 

And what's the gurantee it won't leak again ? 

We have  entrances from next month's for different colleges and we need to prepare for that .

From this year max courses are having entrance test then why focusing on 12 class marks ? 

Why our education system is focusing on marks , they should focus on knowledge and that would be test by the entrance test , then what the point of re - exam . 

We don't want to study again everything beacuse of the fault of CBSE ...

Supreme court , hight court , CBSE and govt of india should take action on it "ASAP " and this Re-Exam .